Data Protection: Why It Is So Critical

Data Protection: Why It Is So Critical

Data is one the most important assets your private equity company has. For that reason, its protection must be a top priority, especially when mission critical portfolio and transactional information are at stake....

Data protection is an active process intended to keep your information safe from being lost, compromised, corrupted, or abused. Without this process in place, you can anticipate losses in the thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars—not to mention suffer reputational damage. Having a data protection strategy in place ensures that any organization’s data can be quickly restored, and data privacy maintained.

Where data lives: An organized approach

Where does your data live? It can be as simple as existing on a hard drive on your home office laptop. Does it reside safely on your company’s server but where is that server? Is it a dedicated room with others of its kind, or it is living in a cloud If it’s on a Microsoft cloud, does that mean the cloud is located in Redmond, WA, or just any random cloud?

MS has data centers all over the world, and Redmond is just its HQ. In terms of where your data lives, your data circles the globe and has pieces everywhere. This way if MS is compromised, only fragments would exist. So, in today’s world, data or object IDs are constantly moving to optimize performance. This is the core of how DevOps was built for.

Security is possible with all applications, whether they are MS Box, DropBox, AWS, Google, Egnyte, and far too many to list. In part, taking data encryption to the file level protects it contents no matter where it lives. Access is governed by identity policy, also known as conditional access.

Vulnerabilities that are overlooked

When it comes to data protection, vulnerabilities such as breaches; ransomware; and governance, risk, and compliance are often overlooked. In fact, cybersecurity is a significant factor in governance, there are many different areas where cybersecurity and GRC intersect.

Develop a roadmap to secure taxonomy, governance, and compliance

The roadmap is the journey, and the microprojects Accuvise develops helps reach your ultimate goal, whether it is for taxonomy, governance, security, or any other compliance requirements you require.

Business Improvement is a Journey, not a Destination

Accuvise is your Guide

Our team of experienced experts can help with guide you through this journey using our Microproject Burst Methodology that will support you right away while we work together for a plan for the future.


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