Private equity demands growth strategies outside the walls of traditional operations.

The fast pace of such demands needs all the access in one place to drive your investment of targets and acquisitions.


From Assessment to Exit Readiness

We specialize in fulfilling Private-Equity backed portfolio companies demand to enhance value though the adaption of technology, refined processes to scale, and empowering the staff to understand their contribution to the business. We provide leadership with easy to consume data insights to measure leading & lagging indicators as the manage the operations.

Five steps to help you​ DIGITALIZE​

Whether you’re new to the possibilities of digital innovation, have been contemplating digital transformation, or have taken some steps to implement digital capabilities, here’s a framework to follow to for making the most your efforts


Assess where you are on the digital spectrum and develop a strategic roadmap

A strong first step here is to hire a CIO and/or form a committee to formulate a technical diligence strategy. The end goal should be to digitally connect your portfolio companies front, middle and back offices. A key decision will be determining whether to build, buy or otherwise acquire the necessary digital tools and capabilities as you plan your growth strategy.


Upgrade & modernize core functions with digital capabilities

As increasing amounts of data become available and need to be digested, digital tools, like RPA and Data & Analytics  capabilities can be used by your firm and your portfolio companies to upgrade core functions. These tools can be deployed to streamline and boost the efficiency of your internal operations, including tax reporting, onboarding, security, regulatory compliance, and investor communications. This will become even more essential if or when you expand globally.


Embed digital capabilities into your process for choosing target companies

Utilize Data & Analytics  and cognitive capabilities to help you become more efficient and timely with:

  • Locating potential targets
  • Assessing their value and how they stack up against the competition
  • Making a reasonable offer that will generate an acceptable return


Employ digital capabilities to help manage, optimize and/or merge portfolio companies

The ultimate goal here would be to link all of your related portfolio companies’ systems together and have them feed into your own system. This may take time and resources, and may not be feasible to do all at once. Ultimately. the data information you will gather can help you maximize the development of your portfolio. Visibility here will help your companies perform better and result in a higher premium or multiple when you eventually exit.


Develop a talent strategy

You need a team with digital and analytical skills to plan and execute your transformation strategy. Assessing your existing personnel to determine if they have the appropriate expertise to plan and execute roadmap is a critical step. Can they be trained, or are you better off recruiting new talent? Or should you retain the services of a firm that already possesses appropriate tools, technology and personnel? You should get input on this decision from all key stakeholders, including human resources, IT, operations, project oversight, etc.


Know where you are and plan
how to reach your desired state


Chart your transformation
journey (and the cost)


Maximize the returns on
exit valuations to maximize IRR

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